Life is an adventure and you are in the middle of it

Nick Söderblom

Nick is probably most well known as being one of the first personal trainers in Hollywood, a glamorous lifestyle with a lot of celebrities in his circle of friends.

But life has not always been easy for him, as we will hear in his motivational speeches where he shares his journey of success, failure and adventures combined with tough mental and physical training. Nick’s aim is to inspire others to fulfill their dreams by setting goals, despite the inevitable setbacks that we all will encounter, and to be able enjoy the journey as much as reaching your goal.

The incredible story Nick shares is touching, inspiring and will bring forward a lot of ideas with each and everyone in the audience on how to get the life they really want. Nick is an extremely popular speaker that will motivate any audience to live a more healthy and active life.

Customized lectures for your company?

Nick offers customized lectures for your company in health, nutrition and training and human unconscious behaviors both physically and mentally.



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